Government statistics show that there around 5.2million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, who between them consistently borrow over £600 billion each year. That’s more than £50 billion being borrowed by SMEs every week!  There are companies requiring finance in every town, city & county across the UK. Just think of the amount of businesses there are within a few miles radius of your home.  However with Burlings you are not territory bound and are free to help fund clients or arrange transactions nationwide. Money knows no boundaries.

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Potential is Everywhere

Your income can take off quite quickly, which then will fund your next stage of growth. It is important to set yourself some real goals. The fascinating point about the commercial finance industry is that these 5.2million potential customers are all around us in our everyday lives. Every street in every town and village has either buy-to-let owners, shops, service businesses or logistic centres, all operating and serving the local or regional community. Business Centres and Enterprise Parks are full of service companies, assembly shops or manufacturing units who all have their own requirements for funding. Whether to fund business expansion, finance orders, or fulfill their own legal and financial obligations, companies need finance. Have a look around your own neighbourhood at the level of construction going on.  There are hundreds of thousands of new Houses and apartments being built or converted throughout the country, which all require development finance.

Your Role as Business Finance Consultant

You prepare and arrange loans, very much like an insurance agent arranges insurance policies for companies and individuals. The insurance agent will find the best policy at the most competitive rates from a large network of insurance companies. Insurance agents do not take any insurance risks themselves; these risks are carried by the Insurance Firm. As a business finance consultant you do exactly the same. You find the best source of funding for a borrower (you can use the database we provide) and submit the application to the most competitive lender, providing a valuable service to both the borrower and the lender. You as the intermediary do not take any risks for the funding you have arranged – you just earn a fee.

Being in the commercial loans business means you deal directly with decision makers such as Managing Directors, Business Owners and Finance Directors, because only they are the people who make finance decisions in their firms. Companies need loans and finance to expand, grow, fill orders, etc. Customers often become your best friend because they were so happy you found the funding they needed, that they keep coming back to you time and again.

Your Own Independent Business Finance Company

Operating a business finance company of your own is a fabulous position to be in. One of the huge advantages is that the upfront investment is minimal, especially when compared to most franchises or other business formulas – and what is more – we do not charge you any ongoing memberships fees or percentages of your income – in Summary:

  • No Investment in any Special Machinery of Equipment
  • No Inventory Cost
  • No Franchise Fees or profit share or any ongoing fees
  • No territory restrictions
  • No expensive or long term premises to lease (you can start from home)

You will find that as soon as your network of business contacts, friends or family hear about your new enterprise, word of mouth enquiries start coming in. Being in a position to help provide or arrange funding solutions can be rewarding and exhilarating. Businesses looking for funding are everywhere, and with the Burlings tools at your disposal, you can choose the areas you wish to concentrate on.

The Property Industry

Arranging loans and funding for the property industry alone can keep you fully occupied. It is overall the largest segment in the lending market. There are a wide variety of funding solutions for this sector – for purchasing land, project development, construction, buy-to-let purchases and refurbishment – in addition to the commercial requirements like offices, retail, residential developments, conversions (i.e. to convert offices/pubs to apartments), hotels & hospitality, commercial units on trading estates, logistics, manufacturing construction and expansion. The list is endless, and this industry sector alone can be extremely lucrative, providing limitless potential for income.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

This famously true saying applies perfectly to todays Business Finance Market.

We will equip you with the necessary skills, tools, and contacts to enable you to earn probably more than you ever thought possible.

We are often asked “how much can I earn?”.  As we do not operate a franchise system where people have to report their results to us, we do not know precisely how much each consultant is earning.  However, one of the most surprising aspects that you will notice early on is how easy it is to get an appointment with the Owner, Managing Director or Finance Director of any company or operation. This is because most companies have financing needs which they are struggling to source through the banks. These people know what funding level they need, and will welcome you with open arms if they believe that you can fulfill their requirements. The presentations and tools we provide will assist you to accomplish this.



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