Burlings has been involved in industry and commercial funding for over 30 years, including as a boutique merchant bank arranging funding solutions for emerging markets. Working with many UK and international Banks like Hypo Real Estate, RBS/NatWest and ABN/AMRO, investors such as AIG, pension funds like Achmea and ABP, and numerous private equity firms, we know how to put a proper finance proposal together for a lender to guarantee success.

Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken famously approached 106 financial institutions before he finally got the funding he needed to expand his ‘finger-licking’ empire. It proves he might have been good at cooking chickens, but he was not too good at preparing a sound funding proposal. Many borrowers do not know or understand how the lenders make their funding decisions.

We will show you exactly how to prepare professional funding proposals, and provide the tools you need. We have based our programme on a well-practised format, and our trainers have trained more than 800 consultants over the years. You can rest-assured that you are in safe hands with Burlings, as we make sure that you have all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to be successful.

Working with different organisations in the finance business also gives you an opportunity to build relationships. If a lender sees how professionally you work, they will support your business in return. There are also lenders who select which consultants they work with, so the first impression you give is absolutely critical in getting that important funding proposal right the first time.

Some consultants later move to become lenders or invest in their own property portfolio with the money they will have earned. We want to make sure you understand that this opportunity doesn’t have to start and finish with being a Busines Finance Consultant.

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